Pandarama In Soho Square With The TopQueer Drag Race 2010!


As I posted earlier, I managed to catch up with the delightful Jim and John in Soho Square, on the London leg of the TopQueer Drag Race 2010, their trip around Northern Ireland and the UK in a Fiat Panda, fundraising through collecting drag outfits for auction at Belfast Pride this Saturday, 31 July, in [...]

The TopQueer ‘Drag Race’ 2010

Head along to Soho at about 6pm or Vauxhall at 8 and you might be able to catch the TopQueer team in their Fiat Panda as they stop off in London on their fund-raising tour of the UK and Northern Ireland, ‘TopQueer Drag Race 2010‘. They will be flouncing around town this evening in full [...]

Earth Hour 2010

Today marks Earth Hour, the annual campaign to highlight climate change, and which is being symbolised this year by the lights being switched off on cultural landmarks around the world for one hour from 8:30pm tonight. We at home are being asked to do the same thing, so I will be sitting in darkness for [...]

At The Top Of The World

I’ve been asked to mention a charity do in association with the BRIT awards that us raising money for Haiti, taking place on Monday 16th February with special guest Lindsay Lohan in attendance. Now personally I’m not a fan of said celebrity, but where it’s taking place is what interests me. The party is going [...]

Someone Has Thought of the Children

Specifically Casa Alianza, which works with kids living on the street in Mexico, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Honduras to improve their lives. The reason I mention this charity is that they held a benefit gig earlier this evening at Birmingham Town Hall which I was lucky enough to attend, and which was headlined by the incomparable [...]

IDAHO – UK 2008

Today marks the anniversary of the 1990 decision by the World Health Organisation to remove homosexuality from their list of mental disorders (yes, I was shocked too). What’s equally as shocking is that in 77 countries it is still a criminal offence to be gay (and in several others the police turn a blind eye [...]

TA100 – Reserve With Pride

Today marks the 100th year of the Territorial Army, and I managed to catch the end of the celebrations at the Guildhall. The colourful soldiers from the Honorable Artillery Company were there with their pikestaffs and muskets at the ready, and we also spotted a TA ceremonial mascot (not belonging to the HAC as it [...]