July Jaunts – I Need Your Help!

I’m going to be taking the first two weeks of July as a holiday but as I’m staying in London I’m looking for inspiration about what to do during that period, and I need your help. Is there a particular part of London that you love which no-one ever writes about, or an odd museum […]

In Germany – New Year’s Greetings!

A Happy New Year to you all from Berlin! Just to note that these photographs were actually taken on the street outside a bar in Schoneberg, where the club next door was putting on the display. Firework safety laws are much more relaxed in Germany, and as most people in Berlin don’t have gardens on […]

Happy Christmas One and All

Happy Christmas to all my readers from a wintry Berlin! I hope you’re enjoying a stress-free break and indulging yourself a little, just like me

A Public Service Announcement… By George Takei

To end the week, I just wanted to share this with you – it’s a rather forceful Youtube video by George Takei (Sulu from Star Trek), who calls out the US school governor Clint McCance, who suggested on Facebook that young gays and lesbians should kill themselves – yes, seriously…  Needless to say, George, who in […]

Auf den Bergen und in den Wiesen


I thought I should tell you that from tomorrow afternoon I will be in Austria’s Tyrol region for eight days, then spending four days in Bavaria in Germany before heading home on 4 October. I’m hoping to have an internet connection very soon after my arrival so I should be able to continue blogging while […]

Happy Independence Day 2010

I wish all my readers in the USA a very happy Independence Day. I’ve found a fitting little video from PES, using stop animation and candy, that is entirely appropriate given how big you folks are on firework displays at this time of year. Very best wishes to all of you over the water!

Normal Service Is Resumed/Location, Location, Location

Apologies, readers, that I’ve not been keeping up with the blog this week. The start of the World Cup, along with a concerted 4 days doing painting and decorating at home (which is exhausting if you’re not used to physical exertion believe me!) has kept me away from the keyboard unfortunately. Things are back to […]

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