Hint Hunt London – The Review That’s Not A Review

There’s a new game in town, and it’s called Hint Hunt…

The latest in pop-up concepts, Hint Hunt is an import from Hungary and for once doesn’t involve food! Dubbed an ‘Escape Game’, groups of three to five people are locked in a room and have exactly one hour to solve a series of increasingly fiendish puzzles that will allow them to leave. The Hint Hunt premises on Eversholt St has three rooms, so can accommodate up to fifteen people at once – two near identical copies of a room they like to call ‘John Monroe’s Office’, and an advanced puzzle-solving room with the mysterious title of the ‘Zen Room’.

Now there’s little else that I can tell you lest I give the game away, except to say that studying some of the output of the better crime fiction novelists could prove useful because they reference a lot of the skills that you’ll need (the forensic capabilities of Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes for example), and I really would suggest that you refresh your memory of Roman numerals – failing to do so could see you really coming unstuck. hint hunt escape game london

Having participated in a Hint Hunt session earlier this week I can’t recollect the last time an hour flew by so quickly – we had a great deal of fun dashing around and exercising our brains, but unfortunately we failed in our attempt to exit the room. Given another five to ten minutes I think we might have managed it – according to the organiser around half of those participating successfully navigate all of the conundrums so we weren’t too disappointed in our performance. While our team was made up of a group of acquaintances, I can see this working really well (or really badly!) as a team-building exercise – fans of crime drama will get a real kick out of it too. If you decide to take the plunge, anticipate a bit of a wait as it is now the number one London attraction listed on TripAdvisor, which gives you an indication of exactly how much this has captured people’s imaginations!

You’ll find Hint Hunt occupying an old retail premises at 72 – 76 Eversholt St, just a few minutes walk from Euston station. Prices range between £17 to £22 per person depending on the size of the group and your arrival time. More details can be found on the Hint Hunt website.