A Note On Advertising

I just wanted to raise something that I need to get off my chest… As you may have noted, I’ve very recently removed the small Google ad that used to appear on the top right of the blog. Although I’ve been writing the Londoneer for quite some time, I’m still nowhere near the payment threshold […]

Eyjafjallajokull is now Tweeting…

I’m not very happy at the moment, as I’m not going to be able to get to Ireland this weekend – Ryanair have cancelled most flights across Europe until Monday afternoon next week. While I’ve been twiddling my thumbs here waiting for news, I’ve been keeping an eye on the #ashtag that’s appeared on Twitter, […]

Schnuffel Kuschel

Here’s the Schnuffel Kuschel song by Sebastian Nussbaum and Andreas Wendorf – the German version has much cuter lyrics but I can’t find a video of this version to embed in the thread (the record company clearly don’t understand social media…) so here’s the much simplified English version that gives a general idea of what […]

Easter Experiment

I have few plans for the Easter break this year so for a bit of fun I asked colleagues to select 3 letters of station names in Zone 2 (and one in Zone 3 because there weren’t any closer in!) to guide me towards destinations over the next 5 days, where I will take a […]

Budapest By Blimp


Ok, just a quick post to let you know that I am visiting Budapest from Friday of this week. I’m going to be looking forward to visiting Castle Hill, Heroes’ Square and, when my feet are finally worn out, relaxing at the famous 15th century Kiraly Baths. I’ll be posting lots of photos and observations […]

Happy New Year 2010


I hope all of my readers have a really good year – I’ll be travelling to Northern Ireland again soon, Europe again in March and I’m sure I’ll squeeze in Germany (and Austria M!) somewhere too. Concerts with Laura Veirs and Peter Gabriel beckon in the spring… Being a Google fan I’ll leave you with […]