The “Eyes” Have It


Here are some photos taken on Boxing Day of Julie Mathias and Wolfgang Kaeppner‘s art installation in Jubilee Park, Canary Wharf. It consists of 100 sets of animal eyes set around and about the park. At night, they’re illuminated by lighting designed by Admir Jukanovic, so that they look like animals caught in headlights… From […]

Angel St

I was down in South Molton Street this evening, exchanging gifts with a friend and having a chat over a coffee. I can’t afford to shop in the little boutiques down there, but they obviously clear enough profit to put on an amazing christmas light show. These angelic beings were lined up all the way […]

St Pancras International


From St Pancras De… Hmm, I was at the new station this week. After all the hype I expected rather a lot more – most of the shops in the ‘Undercroft’ are still just hoardings, and the front of the station is still an utter mess of skips and portacabins as they work feverishly on […]

Millwall Docks


OK I’m cheating, the photos referenced here I took last week, but I do find myself around the periphery of Millwall Docks pretty often these days (you know who you are x ) Sometimes (although unfortunately not in the particular images I took on this rather stormy Sunday a little earlier this month) the vast […]