Transformers: Dark Of The Moon – Movie Review

Oh dear, oh dear. Much against my better judgement I visited the cinema earlier this evening to see Michael Bay’s latest attempt to revitalise the Transformers franchise, in Transformers: Dark Of The Moon. Where to start with this sci-fi movie? Well it’s overly long for a start, mostly incoherent in terms of the plot and […]

X-Men First Class – Movie Review

This week’s turning out to be quite a week for comic book ‘origin’ movies, as last night I went to see ‘X-Men First Class‘, the new film from director Matthew Vaughn (the producer of ‘Kick-Ass‘). This movie fills in the complete back-story on the major characters found in the X-Men movies, taking us from their […]

Green Lantern – Movie Review


One of the latest crop of superhero flicks, the Green Lantern hit UK screens this last weekend and I managed to squeeze a visit to the cinema into a busy weekend over in Bristol. This story from director Martin Campbell is another ‘origins’ tale, this time from the DC Comics universe, squeezed in between the […]

Source Code – Movie Review

After the entertainment at Andaz last night I headed over to West India Quay to check out ‘Source Code‘, the new sci-fi film from Duncan Jones, who previously headed ‘Moon’, the excellent 2009 Sam Rockwell vehicle. The main drive of the film centers around army pilot Colter Stevens’ (Jake Gyllenhaal) repeated segments where he has […]

The Adjustment Bureau – Movie Review

Another adaptation of a Philip K Dick short story, The Adjustment Bureau is a bit of an odd creature. Watching the trailer of this new film from George Nolfi (who has the Bourne Ultimatum and Oceans Twelve amongst his output) you could be forgiven for thinking that this is some vast sci-fi epic when, in […]

The Eagle – Movie Review

Last night we went down to West India Quay to check out the new film from director Kevin Macdonald (who you may have come across as the name behind ‘The Last King of Scotland’ and future-noir TV series ‘State Of Play’), ‘The Eagle‘. The film recounts the fictional tale of the loss of the Roman […]

Aftermath – Jameson Cult Film Club @ The Royal College of Surgeons

Last night we were over at our second Jameson Cult Film Club event (after last autumn’s ‘Chills in the Chapel‘) to see Gareth Edwards incredible low-budget masterpiece, ‘Monsters‘, set in the rather creepy surroundings of the Royal College of Surgeons on Lincolns Inn Fields in central London. As with the Club’s last outing, they’d gone […]