Into The Wilde @ The Trafalgar Hotel


Tonight I’ve been at the opening of another art exhibition at the boutique Trafalgar Hotel on the southern side of Trafalgar Square. I attended an event a little while ago but this one focussed on Oscar Wilde’s creations, in particular the contradictions found in the personality of one Dorian Gray, called “Into The Wilde”. As […]



I didn’t get out to the country yesterday unfortunately, as I bought the Batman Arkham Aslylum and Bioshock2 games, and ended up playing them all day! Instead, for today’s post, I’m reproducing something I found on Boingboing earlier today – the ‘fingerprints’ of artist Kevin Van Aelst. Kevin uses food and other everyday objects to […]

The Affordable Art Fair

Next week on the 11th to 14th of March, the Affordable Art Fair appears in town again, in Battersea Park. Thousands of pieces of original artwork of all kinds will be on display and available for purchase, ranging in price from £50 to £3000 (although what’s affordable about 3 grand I’m not quite sure!). There […]

Future Form


This evening I was invited along to the opening of a new art installation sponsored by Jotta design magazine in the Trafalgar Hotel, just off Trafalgar Square, entitled “Future Form“. It’s a collaboration between several artists – Swedish illustrator Lina Ekstrand, textile designer Eunsuk Hur, painter Jonathan Ridge and Alex Shepherd, an artist in moving […]