A London Map Dedicated to Diana, Princess Of Wales

February 15, 2012

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I haven’t been able to find a map that draws together significant locations in London relating to Diana, Princess of Wales, so I’ve taken the opportunity to create one. A feature that I have left out of this map is the memorial walk which takes you on a route through three of the central London royal parks. You can download this from the Royal Parks website here.

This is an open Google map, so do feel free to add other places that you know of, or if you don’t feel comfortable doing that then please leave your suggestion in the comments box below and I will add it for you. I would like your help to build this map into a useful resource for visitors who would rather make their own way around the important sites relating to Diana rather than go on a guided tour…

View Diana Princess of Wales London Map in a larger map

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2 Responses to “A London Map Dedicated to Diana, Princess Of Wales”

  1. London Remembers Says:

    Pete, over here at London Remembers we’ve got 5 memorials in London associated with the Princess.   Please do add them to your map.  


    • The Londoneer Says:

      Thanks a lot, I thought you might have some pointers! I’ll add what isn’t there already and credit your good selves.

      Thanks again



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