You’ll note that the Londoneer features a lot of photography – 99% of the images on the site are taken by the author using a consumer-level (and now rather old) Pentax K-m digital SLR and the two matching Pentax kit lenses that were commonly sold with the unit at the time.

If you wish to borrow images for use on your own site you must comply with the terms and conditions stated on the site’s Privacy Policy page – in a nutshell, if you use these pictures for a commercial purpose we would expect a payment equivalent to the ’going rate’ for each image used, and for use in any other circumstances we require a prominent attribution link within or next to the image that points back to the ‘About’ page of this site.

It goes without saying that we would like to have access to more capable camera equipment, but currently our budget doesn’t allow for this – a moderately good collection of lenses for an SLR will typically cost at least £2,500 or so, and semi-pro camera bodies cost £1,000 and upwards. If you happen to be a millionare who has happened on the blog and feels generous, now you know how you can express your gratitude! On a more realistic note, we’d be happy to accept loans of camera equipment to try out for a while…