As you can see from the blog I am very keen on digital photography.

At the moment my equipment consists of a Pentax Km digital SLR, a couple of Pentax lenses (including a lovely little 50mm manual focus lens from the 1980s which can be still be used on the most modern of Pentax cameras) and a Manfrotto tripod (tripods are an absolute essential if you're interested in capturing pinsharp landscape shots and for night photography).

Online, you can see my photograph albums on Picasa by searching for the username 'thelondoneer', and a small amount of my output can also be found on Flickr by searching for the same user. I've had several of my photographs published in both print and online.

I'm also a member of a few online groups dedicated to photography, both of which I can highly recommend. They are the London Photographic Meetup Group, and Digital Photography School. These sites are excellent places to find advice, tips and to share your love of all aspects of digital photography. The Meetup Group also does what it says on the tin, as we have photographic get-togethers at least once a month. Some of London's best professional photographers also offer very cost-effective courses via the Group.

Finally, I would be interested in acquiring better equipment (so that I can take good photographs across a wider range of circumstances) and some more extensive photographic experience - I have never done any studio shooting for example. If you have any advice, tips, or indeed if you have decent camera kit going spare, then please do let me know!
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