This page contains links to other websites, mostly focused on London, where you’ll find lots of interesting information. I’m perfectly happy to exchange links with other sites that might be useful for visitors to the capital, so please use the contact form linked above if you wish to get in touch. I also welcome offers of guestposts on the Londoneer - I’m particularly interested in strengthening the section on ‘London Travel Tips’ at this time.

Big Smoke - an eco-friendly London blog that cares about local community issues, and likes to have a bit of fun too…

Emm In London - a London blogger who is as obsessive as I am. Get yourself a cup of tea and a biscuit and settle down for some detailed observations on a London landmark or two.

Ian Visits - a site by another London afficionado who takes a particular interest in transport, the subterranean and things that go bump in the night. There’s also a free weekly newsletter to keep you in the know on what exciting public events are happening around town (also the author of the toilet finder website and app…!)

Informed London – for information on what’s happening *tonight* in London.

Labelscar – a site that reflects my fascination with American culture. The site documents the demise of malls across the United States – there’s usually a new mall featured every few days.

London Daily Photo – my friend TikiChris’s take on London, with a new photo every day

London Is Cool – a particularly Scottish view on happenings in England’s capital

Londonist – London’s best online news and culture site, generally with more quality journalism in one article than the Evening Standard can muster in a month. – a very slick and comprehensive listings site for hotels, restaurants, nightlife, events and more.

London Underground Blog – my friend Annie Mole’s site focussing on her obsession with our wonderful Tube system

Qype - never leave home without it. The only site worth checking out for genuine restaurant and pub/club reviews. They have entertainment guides and special events too.

Tired of London, Tired of Life - a whistle-stop, energetic tour around London’s hidden treasures

Top Hotels of London – from the folks behind Travel Onion, if you’re a particularly wealthy visitor to London you’ll find lots of useful information about London’s most iconic and exclusive hotels on their site.

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