I Will Survive

What is it with the BBC at the moment? I try to spend an evening listening to music and browsing the ‘net and there are good TV programmes all over the place. On top of ‘Apparitions’ and ‘Spooks’ I’m going to have to add the new series, ‘Survivors‘ which started on BBC1 tonight. This is […]

Things That Go Bump in the Night

I’ve just watched the first episode of the seriously terrifying new BBC drama, ‘Apparitions‘, starring Martin Shaw as the Catholic Church’s chief exorcist, battling the forces of evil. This is real hide-behind-the-sofa material, and very well written indeed. If you’re of a nervous disposition I wouldn’t recommend watching it however, because there’s quite a lot […]

The Service Are Back

I can’t believe it took so long, but Spooks is finally back for series seven! Episode two is broadcasting tomorrow night at 9pm. I won’t spoil it for you but the whole of episode one runs at a frenetic pace with not one, but two, nail-biting storylines, and there are lots of scenes set in […]