Video Wonders

I’ve come across two fun little videos on Epic Win FTW – the first of freerunner Damien Walters. You thought those fantastic fight scenes in the Matrix and the Jet Li movies where people fly off walls and leap over impossible obstacles are all CGI or on wires? Well maybe not, because this guy (who […]

30 Rock Returns

This evening, courtesy of Comedy Central and the folks from Qype, I was invited along to the Jetlag bar and restaurant on Cleveland Street in central London to see a preview of the first episode of season 4 of 30 Rock, which debuts tonight. I’ve caught a couple of episodes of 30 Rock in the […]

The Pacific

As a bit of a break from my trips out and about, you might be interested in a new programme that’s being shown in the UK from tomorrow, ‘The Pacific‘, a ten part miniseries about the US Marines’ engagements in the Pacific theatre during World War II. I’m rather looking forward to it because I […]

A Quick Thrill!

I’m a member of a site that posts videos which advertisers hope will go viral, and I think they might have managed it with this one – it certainly gave me a chuckle. The campaign slogan is “What makes sandwich more exciting?” – you’ll understand once you’ve seen it

Muppet Magic

Seeing Avenue Q a few nights ago reminded me that I hadn’t heard anything about the Jim Henson studio in a while. Well following a listen to this week’s episode of Leo Laporte’s [email protected] podcast and a quick ‘google’, I have now discovered the ‘Muppets Studio’ channel on YouTube, containing lots of original new material […]

Deutsche Filme

I rather like foreign film, and as I’ve started to get into German cinema a little more recently I thought I’d introduce you to two contrasting movies that I’ve watched in the last week or so. First, I’d like to introduce to a hilarious comedy from prolific actor and director, Michael Herbig, called “Traumschiff Surprise […]