Colonisation, Celebration and Murder Most Foul…


Before heading off to Trinity Buoy Wharf on Sunday, we took in the monument to the early settlers of the colony of Virginia, who sailed in 1606 (if you remember, I took some photographs of a statue of the first Governer of Virginia, Captain John Smith, outside St Mary Le Bow Church in the City […]

Sci-Fi Classics #1 – Tron

One of my favourite science fiction films, the first ever to use extensive computer graphics in its production, is Tron. Made in 1982, it used ground-breaking technology to create a film that imagined a world seen from the perspective of computer programs. It starred Jeff Bridges, and was the first major outing for Bruce Boxleitner […]

Battlestar Blasphemy?? have released a teaser for the next series of Battlestar Galactica – a recreation of Leonardo DaVinci’s ‘The Last Supper’. There are lots of clues about what might be happening in Series 4 and, when questioned, Ron Moore, the creator of the new series, said that the last Cylon is *not* present at the […]

Battlesimpsons Galactica!

The very talented artist, Dylan Meconis, has sketched a wonderful parody of the Battlestar Galactica cast. I’ve provided a few examples here as they’re my favourites; the Admiral and the President, who are so in love but can never express their desires for fear of the consequences, and the hard-drinking, hard-fighting, hard-flying Kara Thrace aka […]

Gerry Anderson Special on BBC4

There was a special on BBC4 tonight celebrating the work of Gerry Anderson, starting off with SuperCar and ending with Space 1999. Many moons ago I was fortunate enough to be a friend of one of his nephews, whose flat in Birmingham was strewn with actual puppets from the various shows… not something you forget […]

Happy Christmas, Doctor

But I’m not terribly optimistic for the New Year. The Doctor Who Christmas Special today was a *titanic* disaster – really poor writing and lots of hammy overacting and hackneyed one-liners – even Queenie got a very corny look-in, and there were a few bars from “My Heart Will Go On”…! Ah well, at least […]