Torchwood Terror

I’ve not been keeping a very close eye on this lately, but as I happened to see Burn Gorman last night, it brought something to mind. As it starts broadcasting any time now, and will run over five consecutive nights, I thought I’d update you with what I’ve been able to discover about series 3 […]

Life after Battlestar Galactica = A Long, Long Way From Home

OK, so we’ve reached the end of BSG, and we’re nearing the end of Season 3 of Heroes, so what’s next? Well it looks like the creators of Stargate have taken a leaf out of both of these series’ books, as the new ‘Stargate Universe‘, due in the Autumn, seems to be a far cry […]

It’s Life Jim, But Not As We Know It…

There’s an absolute flood of new images of the next Star Trek movie online now, so I’ve gathered them all together here, so you don’t have to go hunting for them 😉 Notice how closely Karl Urban resembles De Forrest Kelly (I hope he has the same gravelly voice!) and can you spot Mr Scott […]

On The Fringe

For all of you bemoaning Spooks Code 9 and anticipating the real thing when it returns later in the year, I’ve found an interesting substitute that might tide you over… as long as you don’t mind a bit of the X Files in the mix! It’s ‘Fringe‘, a new series from JJ Abrams (director of […]

Torchwood Steps In When It All Goes Horribly Wrong….

To coincide with the switch-on of the new Large Hadron Collider at CERN on Wednesday of this week, BBC Radio 4 will be broadcasting a new Torchwood audio drama at 2:15pm, called ‘Lost Souls’, dramatising what happens when it all goes horribly wrong! It should be fun, although if Russell T is penning it, there’s […]

The Empire Invades

Some amateur film-makers on the ‘net really do have some amazing talent. I don’t have anything else to say about this, just watch this little film that shows what happens when Star Wars meets San Francisco – unbelievable work!

Incarcerated with the ‘MiddleMan’

While I’ve been at home for the last couple of days I’ve been introduced to a new show that’s a completely tongue-in-cheek mixture of The Avengers, Austin Powers and Buffy – it’s ‘The Middleman‘ from ABC Family (based on the comicbook of the same name) The show is great fun and includes all the usual […]