Photo School


Yesterday I attended Photo School’s creative photography workshop for beginners, run by the experienced and talented professional photographer, Jon Mortimer. I had a great time – we started off with an hour-long discussion about techniques in a room off the balcony of the very grand Crosse Keys pub in the City (clearly the headquarters banking […]



This week at the, the competition is “weather” and we’ve certainly had some of that today in London. So, I thought I’d go out after work and try to capture some sense of it… my only problem is I can’t decide which of these three to submit as my entry :\ Around the corner […]



I’m not blogging a great deal this week as frankly I feel as rough as a robber’s dog 😐 I just hope its not piggy-related… Anyway, enough of my troubles – on Sunday I took a friend over to Canary Wharf as they hadn’t seen it before. Although these days its all steel and glass, […]

Light Pollution


But I suppose that you might possibly call it rather pretty – this is the only decent shot I got after spending an hour standing out in the middle of the ringroad near Stratford late this evening. Well, it’s a start! By the way, the photo is taken by allowing the camera’s shutter to stay […]



If you’ve been following the blog recently, you’ll know that I’ve recently improved my camera equipment. In the last few days I’ve acquired a few more bits and pieces, including a Pentax 55-300mm telephoto zoom lens and a good quality Manfrotto tripod. As a consequence, I’ve been able to take this shot from our yard […]

For Rose


It’s a special person’s birthday today, and as I was out in our large backyard to take a picture for Digital Photography School’s current assignment, “Chair”, I thought I’d photograph a few flowers to mark the occasion… Oh, and here’s the chair I photographed for the assignment – the mower needs to come out I […]

A Photographic Weekend


On Friday I bought myself a new digital SLR – a Pentax Km – and proceeded to take it to a few parties on Saturday, and over to Greenwich with D today. I think these are the best of the shots – these things are complicated! It’s going to take a good while before I’m […]