Cute & Fluffy #2


It’s the attack of the “lolcats” again, with today’s winning entry. Maybe it’s Britney’s baby’s new foster-mom or something… moar funny pictures

Podcast Update #3

In this update I’ll be talking about science fiction. I’m a big fan of this genre and subscribe to a couple of podcasts that focus on my favourite TV shows and movies. The one with the most interesting content that I listen to is Doctor Who Podshock, which is hosted by a mixture of Americans […]

Podcast Update #2

This week has seen two releases from the BBC Friday Night Comedy podcast people – there’s an edition of the “News Quiz” from Sandi Toksvig and team, and a special awards ceremony edition of Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis‘s “Now Show”. I love BBC comedy material, it’s always of the best quality, and both of […]

Secret Santa & The Evil Elves

Photographic evidence was produced in court today proving that Santa carries a lethal weapon without a licence. Juggling elves interrogated this afternoon at Caramel in Wilton Road, Victoria, admitted that Santa openly carries his weapon when delivering presents. Without prompting, they also said that the food was rather good, with the dessert course being a […]

Podcast Update #1

I’ve listened to a few of my favourite podcasts today. On this week’s TWiT, John C Dvorak almost expires eating macadamias and cashews, it’s the 60th anniversary of the invention of the transistor, and there’s news that Wiis and the Amazon Kindle e-book reader are selling for heaps of cash on Ebay Cammy and Leo […]

Cute & Fluffy #1


Sometimes I’m so soft I frighten myself – I subscribe to the RSS feed from, the website with the oh-so-cute pictures of cats with amusing lolcat-speak captions, and unfortunately for me, sometimes they really are oh-so-cute. Here’s today’s top scorer: moar funny pictures Look at his cute little eyes, and his cute little paws. […]