Murders Of London – Book Review


‘Murders of London‘ is the new book from serial author of London oddities, David Long. David takes a unique geographical approach to London’s macabre past, dividing these gruesome tales into 10 sections – its 255 pages cover ‘East of the City’, ‘West End’, ‘On The River’ and so on. While major figures such as Crippin, […]

MICHELIN Guide Great Britain and Ireland 2011 Launches

For the gourmands amongst my readers, I thought I should let you know that the MICHELIN Guide Great Britain & Ireland 2011 is now available, priced at £15.99 (and €18.99 in Ireland). This edition is rather special, as this year marks the guide’s 100th anniversary, and to celebrate this milestone each guide comes with a […]

‘Don’t Call Me Urban! The Time of Grime’ by Simon Wheatley

In the last few days I’ve received an impressively weighty large-format book of photography and social commentary by Simon Wheatley – most well-known for his photographic output while he was working  for Magnum Photos. This current volume, ‘Don’t Call Me Urban The Time Of Grime‘, focuses on the music artists and emcees who have emerged […]

A Hedonist’s Guide to London – Hg2

I just wanted to switch you on to a new London guidebook that’s out this week, the second edition of ‘A Hedonist’s Guide to London‘, (Hg2 – London), edited by Fleur Britten, editor of the Sunday Times Style magazine. The Hedonist’s Guide is no Fodors – you’ll find no  recommendations for Angus Steakhouses or Wetherspoon’s […]

Smoke – A London Peculiar #16

It’s time for another edition of Smoke – A London Peculiar. Number sixteen includes a tall tale about Leyton, a letter from Columbia Road, and an enticing little story by Tricity Bendix, ‘The Nun With The Eagle Tattoo’. If that doesn’t persuade you to pick up a copy, this month’s bus is the No 100, […]