St Pancras International


From St Pancras De… Hmm, I was at the new station this week. After all the hype I expected rather a lot more – most of the shops in the ‘Undercroft’ are still just hoardings, and the front of the station is still an utter mess of skips and portacabins as they work feverishly on […]

Cute & Fluffy #1


Sometimes I’m so soft I frighten myself – I subscribe to the RSS feed from, the website with the oh-so-cute pictures of cats with amusing lolcat-speak captions, and unfortunately for me, sometimes they really are oh-so-cute. Here’s today’s top scorer: moar funny pictures Look at his cute little eyes, and his cute little paws. […]

Millwall Docks


OK I’m cheating, the photos referenced here I took last week, but I do find myself around the periphery of Millwall Docks pretty often these days (you know who you are x ) Sometimes (although unfortunately not in the particular images I took on this rather stormy Sunday a little earlier this month) the vast […]

A beginning

Well after a meeting in Nottingham on Monday with the DC10 and inspirational words from Euan Semple, here I am, posting for the first time in my new blog, from the edge of the Olympic Zone 2012. Thoughts, photos, ideas and links coming to your screen very soon…