The Ideal Inner-City Car For London

London’s crowded and cramped streets mean that a large saloon can become a major headache in the city. Here is our list of top five compact cars that will allow you to negotiate the back streets and squeeze into small parking spots:

Fiat Panda

The Fiat Panda is an ideal city car. Although its size means that the leg room in the rear is slightly restricted, it’s an easy vehicle to manoeuvre around those cramped and busy city streets. It has a rather unique, funky and eye catching design, as befits a metropolitan run-around. It’s also cheap to run. If you want a little more power it comes in a 4-wheel-drive version.

Volkswagen Up

Voted What Car’s City Car of the Year 2013, the Volkswagen Up is a stylish and economic little number that’s perfect for urban driving. Where the Volkswagen surpasses its Fiat designed contemporary is in space. Despite its small size, it has plenty of space to keep the driver and passengers comfortable. However, its engine power is not quite so intense and you’d find driving this on the motorway a bit of a struggle.

Hyundai I10

The most budget-conscious car on this list, the Hyundia I10 gives you a lot more than you pay for. But the savings don’t just stop there – it’s also incredibly cheap to run so you’ll find yourself making continued savings on fuel too. Despite its low cost, it a very well equipped car and pretty spacious, considering its size. Probably not best geared up for long haul journeys, but what city car is?

Kia Picanto

The Kia Picanto wins top marks for its classy interior and well-thought-out driving position. It’s comfortable to drive and has a decent amount of space for extra passengers considering its size, plus it also comes with an unrivalled seven-year warranty. Unfortunately, this car falls down on its handleability: it can prove a little jerky in traffic and its engine doesn’t offer a great deal.

Toyota iQ

This might just be the coolest of the cars on this list – it’s certainly the coolest looking. This vehicle is perfect for the younger driver and would suit more than a few media types down to the ground. It’s cheap to run, easy to drive and environmentally friendly, emitting some of the lowest carbon emissions of any city car going. It’s also pretty easy to slide this vehicle into a tight little parking space in Soho.

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