Future Cinema Presents… Saturday Night Fever

future cinema saturday night fever troxyFuture Cinema are once again taking over Limehouse’s Troxy for three weeks of ’70s disco, as they present Saturday Night Fever!

Running from 15 June until 7 July, the Troxy will be transformed into a Studio 54-like space, with glitter balls, and bright lights (and maybe an illuminated dance floor? We haven’t seen one of those for years!). As always, scenes from Saturday Night Fever will be recreated right there in and around the audience, including dance-offs and secret rendezvous that you’ll have to wander around the venue to catch.

If you want to fit in and really be able to let go at the events, I find that the best idea is to make the effort to dress the part – for this extravaganza the audience are playing young people from 1970s Brooklyn, so you might want to see if you can lay your hands on some flares and very wide shirt collars for the boys – a medallion or two probably wouldn’t go amiss either…

Tickets are on sale now, but if you’re planning on going along you should probably heed Frank’s advice… “Tony, the only way you’re gotta survive is to do what you think is right, not what they keep trying to jam you with. You let ‘em do that and you’re gonna end up in nothing but misery!
If you want a taste for the experience you’re likely to have at a Future Cinema event, we reviewed their last outing at the Troxy, Casablanca, a short while ago.
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