Jameson Cult Film Club Presents Silence Of The Lambs @ Victoria House

The Jameson Cult Film Club will be pitching up in London again later this month, with a screening of Silence Of The Lambs down in the cavernous basement of the vast 1920s era Victoria House that dominates Bloomsbury Square.

jameson cult film club silence of the lambs london

Given the London events that I’ve attended in the past, at the Royal College of Surgeons and the Union Chapel, they’re bound to pull out all the stops to make this a deeply disturbing experience – it wouldn’t surprise me at all if visitors discover Dr Lecter salivating in his cage and muttering about fava beans at some point during the evening….

Jameson Cult Film Club evenings usually involve the imbibing of complimentary cocktails, and you’ll probably need a few when the actual film screening comes around later in the evening – a thriller has to be of the very highest order if it gets an Oscar, which Silence of the Lambs did in 1992 and it still gives me the shivers whenever I see a screening on TV.

For the last few outings these movie nights have been wildly oversubscribed, so get your name down on the Jameson Cult Film Club’s Facebook page ASAP – I’ve entered my details so with any luck I’ll be able to report on the goings on here in a few weeks time.

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