Fashion Tips For The London Club Scene in 2013

london clubbing fashion guide So you’re about to get ready for a big night on the town, and the age-old question of what to wear rears its head.

When it comes to style in the city, a little thought about where you’re going can be rewarding – London is a city with a different vibe in every compass direction, so here’s a quick guide to deciphering the code to bring you the ultimate glad-rag guide.


If you’re heading to the monied enclaves that lie to the west of Hyde Park, a classic look will get you far. A bandage dress in a neutral tone, paired with some kitten heels, create the perfect blend of simplicity and classic style. A high-waisted pair of jeans paired with a sparkly top could be perfect. Keep your hair straight and your makeup simple, and remember attitude is everything: have the confidence to know that less is sometimes more.


The kookier cousin to the west, north London’s huge array of pubs and clubs play host a clientele with a touch of the eccentric about them. A plaid designer jacket on a black ensemble with some funky jewellery could really make the impression. Choose just one or two elements of your outfit that you want to stand out, and go wild there. The bold colour or pattern you choose will really come into its own when paired with something simple and make sure all eyes are on you.


South London’s rapid transformation into the newest artsy hub of the capital means that places like Peckham and Camberwell are now chocka with rooftop bars, and pool halls full of the young, urban crowd of art students and their ilk. Charity shop chic is the way to go, so pair those skinny jeans with an old sweatshirt and some gold eighties jewellery for an anti-fashion cool. It might not make sense, but trust us, it’ll look amazing.


In the East, the eighties and nineties are king, so look back 20 years to get a retro style that still works. Check out the V&As Club to Catwalk: London Fashion in the 1980s for some great inspiration for emulating the bright colours, unique patterns and oversized styles of those eras. A bright oversized print shirt, shiny black tights, a good strong pair of very high heels, all topped off with your favourite denim jacket (stonewashed is best) could really make the bold statement you’re looking for. When it comes to the east – make your style statement loud; the louder the better.