Photography In London – Not Always A Solitary Pursuit

I really enjoy heading out on my own, camera in hand, to see what I can capture on the streets of London, but sometimes its nice to have friends along for the ride.

London offers lots of opportunities for you to get together with other amateurs (and indeed some professionals) to go out and take photos and to share experiences, get critiques of your shots and lots more besides, even including visits to the pub!

Two groups stick out as being particularly useful – they are the London Photographic Meetup Group and the official Photowalks London group over on Google+, which is increasingly becoming the social media platform of choice for photographers.

The London Photographic Meetup Group has been going for some years now – the group’s members offer training in all sorts of techniques, from street photography to studio lighting, throughout the year. Every month or so there’s also an opportunity to get out and about – late last year I was part of the group that visited the historic town of Rochester in Kent. Back in 2010 I accompanied them on a trip to Arundel.

The London Photowalk group on Google+ tends to confine itself to the area within the M25, and particularly focuses on opportunities for urban photography. For example, last November I spent a very wet Saturday with the other members of the group when we went off to explore Camden Town and its colourful markets…

When it comes to London’s camera groups its not always about the online world however, as there are rather more traditional options if you would like the opportunity to meet with like-minded folk. That’s where London’s long-established photographic societies come into the picture.

Take for example the Chingford Photographic Society which harks back to 1951, or the Walthamstow & District Photographic Society which has been going strong since, wait for it, 1894! These groups tend towards the more serious photographer but don’t let that put you off from considering them – if you want to join a group that can count years and years of tried and tested experience amongst its members then one of these societies is the way to go. To help beginners, groups like Walthamstow also run basic photography courses from their base on Greenleaf Road. If the idea of signing up for a photographic society peaks your interest, there’s a full list of London-based groups on

Good luck with your photographic adventures!