Fate, Hope & Charity Exhibition @ The Foundling Museum From 25 January

fate hope charity foundling museumThe Foundling Museum on Coram’s Fields in Bloosmbury launches its latest exhibiton, Fate, Hope & Charity, on Friday 25 January.

This new exhibition explores the plight of young single mothers who left their babies at the Foundling Hospital during the mid 1700s. The displays contain the small items that they left behind so that their babies could be identified if they ever found themselves in a position to return and claim them. Hundreds of these tokens, ranging from buttons to playing cards, were separated from the associated records in the 1860s but they’ve now been reunited in order to tell these women’s stories in what will probably prove to be the most poignant and emotional exhibition in London this year.

fate hope charity foundling museumResearched by Janette Bright and Dr Gill Clark, and curated by Stephanie Chapman, Fate, Hope & Charity runs from 25 January to 19 May 2013 and will be accessible during the Foundling Museum’s opening times which are 10am to 5pm every day.

Alongside the exhibition there is also a newly commissioned book on the subject with contributions from artist David Shrigley and poets and writers Jackie Jay and Charlie Dark which you’ll be able to purchase in the Museum shop.

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