‘Wear Red Day’ For London’s Air Ambulance On 28 September

wear red day london air ambulance
On Friday 28 September, London’s Air Ambulance charity is asking all Londoners to take part in ‘Wear Red Day’ to show their support for this vital service. London’s Helicopter Emergency Medical Service, now based at the Royal London Hospital, has been operating since 1990 and is on call 24/7. The helicopter carries a Senior Trauma Doctor and Paramedic who can be on the scene of time-critical life threatening situations across London in minutes.

All you have to do to help with ‘Wear Red Day’ is to register on the London Air Ambulance’s website to receive a fundraising pack. You could organise a ‘Wear Red Day’ at the office or at your school – the pack contains lots of ideas for fun events to help with the fundraising effort. Unlike many charity drives there are no onerous requirements – each participant is only asked to raise a minimum of £1, so why not get that favourite red sweater or dress out of the cupboard and consider taking part in ‘Wear Red Day’ on 28 September? These guys are out every day saving people’s lives and they really need your help!

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