New London Graffiti For The Masses

London graffiti artist Probs from End Of The Line has been busy in the last few weeks.
For last weekend’s East London Comic & Arts Festival, Probs created a huge version of the festival’s poster on the Holywall Lane wall at The Village Underground. He also worked on a 9 day project (which I’ve seen in development on my recent visits to Shoreditch as part of the Street Art London tour) to transform the face of an old building on the junction of Scrutton St and Curtain Road. This particular piece, ‘Moebius‘, is a commemoration of French comic book artist Jean Giraud, who died in March of this year.
He’s also spent several days reworking the four panels at the bottom of Great Eastern Street that regularly see new art, this time for the upcoming ‘Abraham Lincoln – Vampire Hunter’. Having seen the trailer I’m not too sure how decent this film is going to be, but Prob’s artwork is pretty special…
I can’t talk about new graffiti art around town without mentioning the appearance of what is purported to be a new Banksy piece near Turnpike Lane (yes, some graffiti artists don’t consider him to be a true street artist but we’ll leave that to one side for the moment!). It shows an asian boy hunched over a sewing machine and seems to be some kind of commentary on the Diamond Jubilee, given the Union Jack flags trailing from it. Perhaps when you’ve had a look at Prob’s work, you should go and check that out too.

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