Whistling In The Wind – Luke Jerram’s ‘Aeolus’ @ Canary Wharf

Better known for his smaller pieces in glass, British sculptor and artist Luke Jerram is currently exhibiting the monumental ‘Aelous’ in Canada Square Park near Canary Wharf. This mass of shining metal tubes is actually a musical instrument – an aeloian harp. When the wind blows through its openings it creates musical notes at different pitches. Unfortunately the weather was surprisingly calm today so I didn’t get any joy out of it musically, but I think you’ll agree its a photographer’s dream come true – the sculpture is on display for one more week, disappearing from the square on 10 May… you can see the rest of my photographs of the piece here.

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  1. RB Photography Says:

    That’s definitely an impressive sculpture – would be interesting to hear the sound it creates


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