The Stratford Shoal Sprouts…

If you’ve visited the new Westfield or had a look at the Olympic Stadium and the Orbit then you’ve probably passed through Stratford Station. You might also have caught sight of the ‘Shoal‘ – the new art installation that neatly conceals the rather ugly 1970s Stratford Shopping Centre directly behind it.

If you’re brave enough to venture deeper into Stratford you’ll see that it now has offspring – three surfboard-shaped blue objects next to St John’s Parish Church on the Broadway. Fabulous new art installation or terrible waste of public money – you decide!


  1. Gary Denness says:

    Ugly. Fugly ugly. Hideous.
    Gary Denness recently posted..The Expensive Austerity Games

  2. The Londoneer says:

    They are a bit wierd – and utterly spoilt by the mass of street furniture that surrounds them. They’re also in a very odd place – halfway along the Broadway in a pretty random spot!


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