‘Faith’ – A Falklands War Story @ The Courtyard Theatre

May 1, 2012

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From 23 May to 16 June, Shoreditch’s Courtyard Theatre will be hosting performances of Meredith Oakes play ‘Faith’, which tells the story of Falkland Islander Sandra during the battle to take back the islands. Billeting two British soldiers towards the end of the war, she has to deal with her own issues as well as the simmering rivalry between the Sergeant and Lance Corporal who are sharing her home. The play also deals with the difficulties that soldiers face when given orders that conflict with their own moral stance. The play features ex-East Ender Charlie Clements in one of the lead roles, and is directed by Drew Baker.

A column of 45 Royal Marine Commandoes march towards Port Stanley © BBC

As you’ll know, this play comes on the 30th Anniversary of the Falklands War, and given the furore over other dramas that have featured this conflict during the intervening decades it will be interesting to see whether the story courts controversy or stays firmly on the side of the British Government. Tickets for ‘Faith’ are a very reasonable £12.50 to £15, and you can purchase them online here. A review of the play will follow in late May.

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