Climbing One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill is a nature reserve south east of Peckham and west of Honor Oak Park in south London.

The ‘one tree’ that gives the park it’s name is the ‘Oak of Honour’, the 100 year old oak tree which stands at the summit, although that’s a bit of a misnomer given that the area is covered with trees. Just across from this large oak is a first world war gun emplacement, the purpose of which was to down bomb-carrying zeppelins. Overshadowing all of these features, however, is the commanding view towards the north east, which takes in the City of London and the Shard. It’s a dramatic sight that probably has no rival anywhere else in London…

You can find out more about One Tree Hill at the Friends of One Tree Hill website, and you can see all of the pictures that I took on my visit here.

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