The ArcelorMittal Orbit Nears Completion

If you’ve been paying attention to developments around the London 2012 Olympic Games you’ll be aware of the fantastic 115 metre high tower designed by Anish Kapoor, which is being constructed right next to the Olympic Stadium.

It’s now very nearly completed – it appears that they just have to make the final finishing touches to the viewing platform at the summit. One thing that does slightly trouble me is the very industrial appearance of the staircase that winds its way around the tower – I don’t particularly like the look of all that unfinished steel. If they’d painted it red it wouldn’t detract so much from the Orbit’s fantastic sculptural elements. What do you think?

arcelormittal orbit london 2012 olympic park

arcelormittal orbit london 2012 olympic park

Look closely left of centre and you can see a workman edging along a pipe...

[box] I took these photographs from the ViewTube near Pudding Mill Lane DLR station. The viewing area is currently hosting an interactive work by poet Lemn Sissay, ‘Spark Catchers’, and there’s also an exhibition of mosaics created by the British Association of Modern Mosaics entitled “Say It With Flowers”. You can see further photographs here.[/box]

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