A Look @ CurioCity: London Unfolded


At the end of the week I was lucky enough to meet up with Henry and Matt, the creators of CurioCity, for a chat over a very early breakfast at Borough Market. CurioCity, for the uninitiated, is a fold-out map of London with a twist. Now up to its second edition, ‘B’, its a really […]

Remembering Michael Faraday


In a rather neat little garden outside the building that used to house the Institute of Electrical Engineers (now the conference venue of their successor body, the Institute of Engineering and Technology) you’ll find a statue of noted British scientist Michael Faraday. Despite not having a university education, Faraday discovered the existence of electromagnetic fields, […]

Reinventing London’s High Streets


As you know, even in London we’re seeing record numbers of high street store closures at the moment and believe me, we’re the lucky ones – in the most hard-hit towns across the country every third store is shuttered (my home town of Dudley being a particularly pointed example – even the likes of Marks […]

London’s Smallest Spaces (Possibly)

Bonnington Square Community Garden March 2012

Here’s a little list of what are likely to be London’s most diminutive spots – some are certainly open to debate, so if you know better please do add a note in the comments field: London’s Cosiest Public Garden The Bonnington Square Pleasure Garden occupies the space left by a small group of houses destroyed […]

Damien Hirst @ Tate Modern From April

damien hirst tiger shark

From 4 April until 9 September 2012, a large-scale retrospective of the work of artist Damien Hirst will be on display at London’s Tate Modern. The exhibition will feature pieces selected from his entire 20-year output, including iconic installations such as ” The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living 1991″ which, for […]

The Shoal’s Progress


A few months ago I shared some artist’s impressions of ‘The Shoal‘, the art installation that’s being erected opposite Stratford station, ostensibly for the Olympics (I suspect that it’s real purpose is to hide the rather ugly form of the 1970s shopping centre and its car park!). While it was just a forest of big […]