New Google Maps Showing The London Of Charles Dickens

If you keep an eye on events in London you can’t fail to have seen the various events and exhibitions that are taking place around the city this year to coincide with what would be the 200th birthday of Charles Dickens.

You can find out about most of the activities at the Dickens 2012 website here (including some very interesting things going on as part of the major new exhibition at the Museum of London, and events at the Charles Dickens Museum on Doughty Street, where Dickens lived for two years during his twenties) but I wanted to draw your particular attention to something rather special that’s recently appeared online. 

There are two fantastic new Google maps available, one which shows you all of the addresses in London where Dickens lived and another that picks out every location mentioned in his many novels. They’re a great starting point for anyone wanting to explore Dickens’ London, and an opportunity to reflect on how the city has changed in the intervening years…