Boadicea On Westminster Bridge

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]ime for another overlooked monument in Westminster, this time the massive chariot of Queen Boadicea and her daughters. Boadicea was the defiant leader of the Iceni tribe, her kingdom spanning an area which broadly equates to today’s county of Norfolk. She is most well known for inflicting several major defeats on Roman garrison towns across southern England in the first century AD.

This gargantuan statue sits on a plinth at the western end of Westminster Bridge and was designed by Thomas Thornycroft but was not actually cast until 1903, more than 17 years after his death. Thorneycroft is most well known for his statues of Queen Victoria and Albert, which can be found on prominent display in large towns and cities across England even now.

Isn’t she magnificent? I love the scimitar blades on her chariot’s wheels too…

queen boadicea westminster bridge


  1. says

    I love the queen of the Iceni (although I have settled into spelling her name as Boudica, here are so many variations). I did not know there was a statue – I will have to go find it. I always thought Tilda Swinton would make a good Boudica in a film.

    • The Londoneer says

      Well Boudica is the generally accepted spelling these days, but the statue is officially 'Boadicea', so that's the way I kept it :)