Welcome To The New Londoneer!

Hi everyone – as you can see the site has now moved over to  a new platform. Over the next few hours the old posts will be reinstated but it will take until late tomorrow, Thursday 5 January, for all to return to normal.

Thanks for your patience – the new design will make it much easier to find content and make  it possible to showcase the best material in a really visually appealing way.

I hope you like it – comments on this new design would be very welcome if you have any ideas.

UPDATE at midnight on Wednesday – all that needs to be done now is recategorising all the posts – about 900 to go – and rebuilding the broken thumbnails against some of the posts (which can be done through an automatic but rather lengthy process). Hopefully there’s only another day’s work to get everything in order. Please let me know via the contact form or one of the other contact methods if you spot any particular problems – thanks!