Seen @ Stratford – A Lock Is A Gate

January 22, 2012

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Popping up recently at London’s Stratford station is the latest incarnation of the ‘A Lock Is A Gate‘ project.

These images,  and an accompanying album of songs, were curated by artist Ruth Ewan alongside composer Kerry Andrew and poet Evlynn Sharp, with the work actually executed by young people from Hackney’s Laburnum Boat Club youth project. They are, in the words of Ruth Ewan, ‘a gift to travellers on the Central Line‘. Of course the ‘lock’ refererred to here is a canal lock, which is appropriate given that an extensive canal network weaves through both Hackney and Newham, where Stratford station is situated.

You can listen to the album on the Transport for London website here – I was a bit disappointed to find that they’re not actually playing the tracks over the loudspeakers in this part of the station. I guess you could stand there with your smartphone and stream it – perhaps that’s what they intended. Colourful and fun anyway!

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2 Responses to “Seen @ Stratford – A Lock Is A Gate”

  1. Emm Says:

    Oooh, I just love the design of your “you may also like” section!

    This exhibition looks really good. I must try pop over to that side of the world some day soon.
    Emm recently posted..The Ruins of the Abbey of St Edmund


    • thelondoneer Says:

      Well I think a quick glance as you’re going through the station will suffice to be honest – the album’s rather fun too, if you’ve had the opportunity to listen.

      By the way the ‘popular’ and ‘you may also like’ sections are nRelate plugins – there are several different designs, but i find the ‘polaroid’ one rather charming :)


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