The Stratford Shoal Starts Construction


If you’re popping over to Westfield in Stratford you might notice that the 377 feet high ‘Orbit’ sculpture is now nearing completion, with only the fitting out of the observation platform to go. You might also wonder what the steel beams that are appearing on the main road outside the old Stratford Shopping Centre are all about.

These mark the beginning of the construction of ‘The Shoal’ – a series of massive ‘fish scales’ that will turn in the wind, and when they’re completed will run for half a kilometre along the Great Eastern Road on the approach to Stratford station. Designed by Studio Egret West they should be a very impressive addition to the Stratford skyline. If you’re interested in learning more there’s a small mock-up of one of the ‘scales’ available for viewing tucked away in the courtyard behind Stratford Town Hall on the Broadway…

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