Olympic Update – Gold Challenge Stadium Event & Olympic Torch Relay Route Announced

Gold Challenge, one of the official London 2012 legacy projects which will support sporting activities post the Olympics, has announced a new event to take place in the Olympic stadium in April 2012. There will be a Gold Challenge Parade, and an opportunity for members of the public to run in a 100m or 4 x 100m race on the track itself, with 20,000 spectators looking on. This special event will culminate in a number of celebrity and athlete races and a celebratory show.

To take part, all you need to do is to register on the Gold Challenge website by selecting a sporting challenge and a charity who will benefit from your fundraising. Those who have raised the highest amount of money for their recipient charity by 29 February 2012 will be invited to compete in the Olympic stadium and get involved in the Gold Challenge ceremony. For spectators, tickets will go on sale in early 2012, which will be a fantastic opportunity to be one of the first people to see a sporting event inside the stadium.

In other news, the route that the Olympic torch will take on its way to London has now been announced. There’ll be an evening celebration in each town where it stops (including, as it happens, my home town of Dudley) and during its last week it will wind its way around London, with events  planned for Waltham Forest, Bexley, Wandsworth, Ealing, Haringey and Westminster before it finally arrives at the stadium on day 70, Friday 27 July. You can see details of the entire route and stopping points on the Olympic Torch Relay page of the official London 2012 website.

Finally, you might recollect that I had an interview for a role as a ‘London Ambassador’, i.e. a local guide for tourists and other visitors to the capital during the Olympic Games. Unfortunately I was not selected – you’d think that given my knowledge of the area around the Olympic park and my volunteering experience I would have been an ideal ambassador, but the organisers clearly had other ideas. I’m still smarting about that – even though I live only 100 yards or so from the Olympic Park it doesn’t seem like I’m going to be able to have any involvement with the games next year, other than talking about them on the blog…

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