Get Your Skates On In London This Winter

With winter (hopefully) coming on, now might be the time to get your skates on and pop along to one of the increasingly popular ice-skating rinks that have appeared all over London to serve a burgeoning group of budding skaters.

The jewel in this year’s crown has to be the skating rink in the quadrangle of Somerset House on the Strand, although quite why anyone would get a sudden urge to rush out and spend a couple of grand on a Tiffany diamond necklace when all they’ve done is go out for a quick spin on the ice is a bit beyond me…

The two Westfield shopping centres get in on the act this year too, with one skating rink at White City and one at Stratford (has anyone else spotted the strange coincidence that both shopping centres sit on the edge of Olympic Parks – one from 1908 and one coming up next year?).

Several famous landmarks in central London also have ice-skating rinks for the winter season – in addition to Somerset House, Hampton Court Palace out in the West of London has one, as do the Tower of London and the London Eye, which has given its rink the rather cute name of ‘Eye Skate’…

Elsewhere, city workers get a chance to take a turn on the ice with a rink at Canada Square Park in Canary Wharf, and one that I’m pretty sure predates all the young pretenders – the rather odd circular rink that has been a feature at Broadgate Circus in the City for many years. Last but not least is the ice rink at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park – I shall be heading over there as Christmas approaches for a bit of festive cheer, so expect a report as per last year. If you know of any pop-up ice rinks that are open in London this winter but aren’t listed here please drop me a line in the comments!

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