Returning With A Bang – The International Meeting of Styles 2011

October 11, 2011

Arts and Culture, London Sights

It’s been some time since I’ve published anything on the blog. A combination of life circumstances, studying and other issues have kept me away for a few months unfortunately. That and the fact that I needed to re-evaluate why I was committing my thoughts and experiences to the internet – frankly I’d stopped enjoying it and it had come to resemble an unpaid job!

Anyway I’m back now, reinvigorated and ready to go. I’m going to backdate some posts as I did some really interesting things over the summer and visited some fascinating places, so I apologise to those who follow my blog using their RSS readers – you may have to manually visit the site to see them I’m afraid.

So let me start by telling you what I was doing on Saturday over in Holloway. Once again, the folks over at End of the Line brought together the best of Europe’s graffiti artists for a one-day event to create some unique works of art to brighten up the local area around The Studios on Hornsey St (you can see what they achieved last year here).

Here’s a sample of what was created (bear in mind many of these were works in progress – we wandered around from lunchtime until about 3pm when many of the graffiti artists were still working on their pieces) and you can go over there yourself to see what they look like as The Studios are conveniently located right behind Holloway Road tube station… The rest of my shots from the day can be seen here.

3 Responses to “Returning With A Bang – The International Meeting of Styles 2011”

  1. Emm Says:

    Welcome back! I must say, yours is one of the best quality blogs out there and I appreciated how you always used to blog straight away about events, or as close to the time as possible. But yes, such quality comes with a sacrifice and I certainly respected your decision earlier in the year to stop attending events that would not normally be within your means. It has to be fun and somewhere along the way, we have to maintain our integrity. Your decision made me re-evaluate my own blogging and things such as adverts, paid posts and such. Anyway, good to have you back and hope to see you around soon.

  2. The Londoneer Says:

    Thanks Emm, no doubt you will but I'm being extra-cautious about the commitments that I make in future!

  3. Michael Carøe Andersen Says:

    Good to see you back. I'm about to move to Denmark and are starting up a local blog about my new hometown inspired by your blog amongst others. Do you have any advice for running a blog focused on current local events and places to go? It sounds like you've recently made some thoughts about why and how you do it.

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