A Happy London Halloween!

I thought it appropriate to mark Halloween on the blog, so here’s a fun little video created by the staff at the ZSL London Zoo in Regents Park showing how the residents react to the sudden appearance of a Jack-o’-lantern in their enclosure, and inviting visitors to experience their special spooky-themed enclosures. To give you […]

The V & A Museum of Childhood


Yesterday I was over in Bethnal Green for a visit to the Victoria & Albert’s Museum of Childhood. The building was originally envisaged as a location in the East End to display some of the material gathered together for the Great Exhibition and, although rather plain in design, it does feature some magnificent friezes on […]

The King and Queen on the Mall

Along the Mall, at the foot of the steps to Carlton Gardens about 150 yards from Buckingham Palace, you’ll find two statues – one of King George VI and the other of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother. While the monument to King George has stood for many years, the representation of the Queen Mother was […]

The Yvonne Fletcher Memorial @ St James Square

With the end of Gadaffi’s regime in Libya I thought it would be appropriate to revisit the event which had a direct impact on London itself, back in the 1980s. Tucked away in a leafy corner of the pretty St James Square, just down the street from the royal residences of St James Palace and […]

‘Create A Council’ Campaign in London

When you mention Parish and Town Councils I imagine that most people immediately think of rural idylls, cricket matches on the village green, and perhaps the likes of vicar Geraldine battling with landowner David over a plate of Mrs Cropley’s weird sandwiches… In reality, Parish Councils and Town Councils have an important role in delivering […]

The Bruce Castle Museum

Over the weekend I’ve been visiting Tottenham to look at a museum that’s been on my to-do list for some time. This also happens to be one of the locations of the recent riots, and in fact I walked past boarded-up shops and semi-derelict buildings on my way from Bruce Grove railway station up to […]

Shalom Baby @ Theatre Royal Stratford East – A Review

Shalom Baby is the new play from writer and director Ricky Beadle Blair, which runs at the Theatre Royal Stratford East until 19 November. Juxtaposing the lives of a Jewish family caught up in the madness of 1940s Berlin and a dysfunctional Jewish family in present day New York, as with all of Beadle Blair’s […]