The Future Of The Blog

Just to let readers know that I am leaving for Macedonia and Kosovo shortly. Hopefully I will be able to blog while I’m there but it depends on connectivity – I hear it’s OK but we will see.

In other news, from next week there will be no advertising on the Londoneer blog. I will also be reducing the number of commercial events that I cover, in particular those that are ‘exclusive’. If a member of the general public couldn’t go, I won’t be going in future. For some time I’ve not covered anything very high end and that won’t change – £500 a night hotels or £200 a meal restaurants are well outside my budget if I have to pay for them. If you’re desperate to read about such places there are reviews online but you won’t see them from me.

What that might mean is that the number of posts on the blog per week reduces a little – I’ll still be keeping in to at least 3 or 4 however. Blogging can be quite laborious – the post on Wellcome took over two hours in total to write! As I won’t be taking any monetary compensation from advertisers any longer and, given that my costs aren’t zero (there are annual hosting and domain name costs to consider) if you feel able to make a small donation that would be great. There’s a button on the right for that purpose.

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