Friday, 21 January 2011

'Project Your Imagination' Competition from Bombay Sapphire

The folks from Bombay Sapphire, the premium gin brand, are running an intriguing competition at the moment, 'Project Your Imagination' where they're inviting ideas from people for projecting wrap-around 3D images on iconic buildings in various cities around the world.

Last autumn they had a trial run using the Queen's House at the Royal Naval College in Greenwich as a backdrop, which you can see in the YouTube video here. I think you'll agree that it's amazing what this new technology can do - and at an amazing cost too! The equipment needed to produce and project these huge visual tableaus costs around £100,000! I suspect that the kit that they used to project the Tron images on the Southbank buildings late last year was the same technology...

You can find out more details about submitting your own ideas to get London featured as the winning city at the Bombay Sapphire Facebook page here, and you'll be able to vote for the concepts that come forward on Facebook and elsewhere. I should also mention that the person who comes up with the winner, apart from being treated as guest of honour at the event where their creation is shown, also secures a cash prize of £5000!

The Bombay Sapphire Global Category Director, John Burke, had this to say about the new competition:

"The ‘Project Your Imagination’ Competition is designed to inspire people and give an outlet for the resulting imaginative thoughts in a spectacular way. We’re delighted to be the first to try and capture the public’s imagination in this manner and host a uniquely open competition that we hope will truly result in a breath-taking vision come to life.”

When the competition closes in May of this year, hopefully I'll be there to capture it in all its detail... but of course I'll only be able to do that if it's London, so get your ideas and your votes in - let's make London the winner!