OK Go Want You!

I just wanted to tell you about something fun that OK Go, one of my favourite bands of the moment, are doing to involve their fans in what I suppose you might call an urban art event.

Brooklyn Brothers are currently creating a video which is going to use material from a parade that the band conducted at night through Los Angeles, using the new geo-locating ‘Pulse of the City’ app by Range Rover to trace their path along the route. Strangely enough, when superimposed on a map, it turns out that fans had walked streets that spelled out the words ‘OK GO’ in letters several blocks high!

Now it’s our turn to take part in London, so the band want people to walk the streets using the app and then upload the results to be incorporated into a new pop video that will be made available early in the new year. It’s up to you what your walk results in – you could spell out letters, trace out the shape of an animal or whatever, and remember to take video or photos along the way to upload too. When you’ve taken part all you need to do is to upload your ‘geo-trace’ on the Range Rover Evogue website, which you’ll find here You can see a short video of the original parade in LA here(which samples unreleased track ‘Back from Kathmandu’), and you can pick up the Pulse of the City app, which will enable you to take part, here There’s no Android version though – boo!

I”ll just finish this post with a bit of fun, which probably goes some way to explaining why I really love this group, the video for ‘White Knuckles’… :)