Star Trek Weekender @ Prince Charles Cinema

If the Notting Hill Carnival isn’t your style there’s an alternative (and rather more geeky) event going on at the Prince Charles Cinema just off Leicester Square in London’s West End from Friday to Sunday over this bank holiday weekend.

They’re going to be holding a ‘Star Trek Weekender‘, showing all 11 films in chronological order, starting on Friday with ‘Star Trek – The Motion Picture‘ which brought the original cast together for the first time since 1969, and finishing on Sunday evening with JJ Abrams recent reimagining of the franchise, ‘Star Trek‘, featuring Chris Pine and Zachary Quino.

As an independent theatre they don’t charge the exhorbitant prices of their West End neighbours, so you’ll be pleased to hear that tickets for individual performances are only £6.50, or if you’re a real glutton for punishment you can go all in with a ticket for the entire ouvre for just £49. My recommendation? Well you can’t go wrong with ‘Star Trek II – The Wrath of Khan‘ at 9:45pm on Friday evening, or ‘Star Trek – First Contact‘ at 1:15pm on Sunday afternoon. See you there!