Kopparberg Klash – Photography @ Blackall Studios

I’ve just been given some information on the Kopparberg cider brand’s new website and blog which I think is worth sharing with you.

On their new blog you’ll find lots of information on exciting arts, music and cultural and foodie things going on around London which, you’ll be pleased to know, are completely unconnected to the Kopparberg brand for the most part – it’s just what the authors have discovered and think is cool. The blog has been inspired by Kopparberg’s collaboration with the edgy Vice Magazine – the ‘Kopparberg Klash‘ – where they are looking to unearth new young talent in the areas of music, art, film and style through a series of competitions. Their next event focuses on a subject particularly close to my heart – an exhibition of the entries for the photography prize, which is taking place at Blackall Studios, near Old St tube, on 18 August. Entry to this event is free and there’s even some complimentary cider on offer if you go along – not bad, and you get a bit of culture too.

You can check out all of the submitted photographs here. Looking through them it does seem to be a bit of a mixed bag – there are images that just shout creativity, originality and imagination alongside what look for all the world like poorly composed holiday snaps. I do hope that the cream manages to rise to the top by the time that the final judging takes place, which will be at the last Kopparberg Klash event on 1 September!

The site’s certainly worth exploring although it is very flash-heavy, so if you’re a bit bandwidth-impaired you might want to go and make a cup of tea while its loading. If you’re the impatient sort you can of course also get up to the minute updates on Facebook and Twitter too. As an aside, there’s another event that Kopparberg are sponsoring which I’ll be going to soon – the ‘International Meeting of Styles‘ event where ‘aerosol artists’ will be getting together to create new pieces of art in Islington later this month… I really can’t wait for that as I’m passionate about good graffiti – if you can’t stand the smell of spray paint don’t worry, because I’ll be sharing my photography of the event on the blog.