I Want To Ride My Bicycle…


As you may know, London’s Mayor Boris Johnson launched the new Barclay’s sponsored bicycle hire scheme in central London today. At 400 sites, which have been popping up all over the capital over the last few weeks in preparation for today’s launch, you will be able to use a new automated system to borrow a […]

The Oft’ Overlooked Palace


All the tourists around town are very familiar with Buckingham Palace (which has it’s summer opening at the moment) but strictly speaking it is just one of the Queen’s ‘home addresses’. Her ‘office address’ however doesn’t change as she moves around the country, and is located in the Palace further up and just off the […]

Conspiracy For Good – London Action 2

Following on from my coverage of the event last Saturday, here’s the video which the team have put together that will give you some idea of what went on in Brick Lane as part of the developing story around Conspiracy for Good More activities are planned for this Saturday which will start to draw the […]

The TopQueer ‘Drag Race’ 2010

Head along to Soho at about 6pm or Vauxhall at 8 and you might be able to catch the TopQueer team in their Fiat Panda as they stop off in London on their fund-raising tour of the UK and Northern Ireland, ‘TopQueer Drag Race 2010‘. They will be flouncing around town this evening in full […]

Double Rainbows (All The Way)!

It’s Monday tomorrow and if you’ve had a lovely weekend in the sun like me, you’re probably not looking forward to going to work in the morning. If you feel that way at least I can attempt to illicit a smile with a music video I’ve found on BoingBoing, ‘Double Rainbows – All The Way’, […]