Ali’s Edinburgh Preview

This evening I went along to the New Players Theatre, deep below the platforms of Charing Cross station just off Villiers Street, for a preview of the show that Ali Cook is taking to this year’s Edinburgh Festival.

IMG_ 5238

Having seen Ali perform before, I had an inkling about what to expect, but there were some surprises in store. First off was the appearance of the mysterious and suave Bond-like figure, ‘The Enchanter’, who came on stage and performed a fascinating ‘head-swapping’ trick, before the auditorium was plunged into darkness and, as if by magic, Ali appeared centre-stage. Some of the material I’d seen before, although this time around the banter seemed to be even more blue than last time, and there was also a new magic trick involving separating liquids and solids which was a real visual treat (and which must have left the stage in an absolute mess!). Ali closed off the show with his now infamous razor blade trick, which left those members of the audience that weren’t dry-heaving open-mouthed in shock.

It certainly bodes well for his Edinburgh tour, and the New Players Theatre is also hosting previews from other artists, closing with Holly Burn’s show on Saturday 26 June.