Waterloo Graffiti


Earlier this evening I nipped down to a little-known tunnel underneath Waterloo station – Leake St, which is now a disused cut-through for taxis serving the station. Made famous by Banksy who, two years ago, staged an impromptu art exhibition here with some other artists, the space is still intriguing (if a little bit scary […]

Samosa Session @ Chilli Chutney


I’m glad that I’m a bit of a foodie, because here comes my second restaurant blog entry of the week. Courtesy of my friends at Qype (and TikiChris in particular) I was down in Streatham earlier this evening at Chilli Chutney. You can find Chilli Chutney amongst a small group of bistros just down the […]

Pizza Primavera

This evening I went along to the Curtain Road branch of Pizza Express in Hoxton for a special event to mark the extension of their ‘healthy option’ Legerra range for Spring. Ushered downstairs we were treated to a few starters and a refreshing prosecco and also invited to sample the ‘Election Pizza’ which, appropriately, will […]

Moving Music #2 – “I’ve Got Your Number”

Tonight I’m revisiting the music that affects me emotionally, and we’re on the same theme as the last song I talked about, ‘Digging In The Dirt‘. This time it’s Guy Garvey of Elbow‘s turn to set his feelings about the end of his relationship with DJ Edith Bowman to music. Both he and I have […]

Virgin London Marathon 2010

Along with a few other members of the London Photographic Meetup Group, I went over to Canary Wharf earlier today to take some photographs of runners on the 18 to 21 mile stretch of the 2010 Virgin London Marathon. I have to say that all of these people have a lot more stamina and willpower […]



I didn’t get out to the country yesterday unfortunately, as I bought the Batman Arkham Aslylum and Bioshock2 games, and ended up playing them all day! Instead, for today’s post, I’m reproducing something I found on Boingboing earlier today – the ‘fingerprints’ of artist Kevin Van Aelst. Kevin uses food and other everyday objects to […]

A Note On Advertising

I just wanted to raise something that I need to get off my chest… As you may have noted, I’ve very recently removed the small Google ad that used to appear on the top right of the blog. Although I’ve been writing the Londoneer for quite some time, I’m still nowhere near the payment threshold […]